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Eye Exams in the Brentwood, Central Islip, and Bayshore, NY, Areas

Some people might not realize the need for routine eye exams, as they've always had perfect vision. However, injuries or aging can deteriorate vision, usually at too slow of a pace to be noticeable until it causes irreparable harm. People who wear glasses tend to understand the need for regular annual testing done by an optometrist. For routine testing to assure your glasses or contacts prescription is still valid, for a regular vision test to assure your vision is still optimal, or if you've noticed difficulties with your sight in the Brentwood, NY, area, call Brentwood Vision Center to schedule an appointment.


What to Expect from Routine Eye Exams

A routine eye exam is neither intrusive nor uncomfortable. Our optometrist begins the eye exam with a visual inspection of your eyes and asks about any problems or symptoms you may have recently experienced with your vision. If you already wear glasses, the doctor will look them over and review your current prescription. Depending on our doctor's observations, at the end of the exam, our doctor will likely want to dilate your pupils, which allows for a closer inspection of your eye health. The light will be blinding for several hours afterward, but it isn't debilitating and you'll be provided with a set of disposable sunglasses to wear until your vision returns to normal.

Vision Testing

After the initial eye examination, the actual vision testing begins. It isn't difficult, and the optometrist will guide you through the steps to make sure you feel comfortable. The doctor will have you look through a machine with different lenses that simulate close and distance vision to read letters and determine the strength of your vision, then fine-tune the lenses you look through until settling on your ideal prescription. All you have to do is be honest about what you see. When fine-tuning the doctor will ask which of the two lenses you can see better through. The answer which allows clearer vision, or that you can't tell the difference between the two options.

Contact Us for a Consultation

At Brentwood Vision Center we serve the immediate areas of Central Islip, Bayshore, and Brentwood, as well as the surrounding areas. To schedule an eye exam with us, give us a call during regular office hours or send an email anytime, so we can get you set up for your visit. Our number is 631-273-3335. You'll find our staff to be courteous and professional, ready to answer any questions you might have, and help you to maintain the best vision possible.

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